The Ancient Borgo Antico S. Vitale

The origins of the Borgo Antico S. Vitale (Ancient Village of S. Vitale) date back to the Early Middle Ages, when Borgonato was mentioned on an imperial document dated 879 A.D. The main feature of the complex is that it consists of buildings belonging to periods (from the 11th to the 18th centuries) and types (a church with priest’s house, a small medieval building and a farmhouse) which over the years have blended into a complex of outstanding historical-architectural importance.

The Borgo has been the subject of archaeological investigation and a careful restoration action that lasted about 10 years which, using traditional techniques and materials (stone, brick, wood), allowed to regain its ancient image and the evocative atmosphere of the seventeenth century.

The Borgo has been at the centre of archaeological investigation and five years of careful restoration using traditional methods and materials (stone, brick, wood). This has enabled it to reacquire its original appearance and the suggestive 17th-century atmosphere.


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