The Borgo

Subject of archaeological investigation and careful restoration that lasted about 10 years.

The origins of the Borgo Antico S. Vitale (Ancient Village of S. Vitale) date back to the Early Middle Ages, when Borgonato was mentioned on an imperial document dated 879 A.D. The main feature of the complex is that it consists of buildings belonging to periods (from the 11th to the 18th centuries) and types (a church with priest’s house, a small medieval building and a farmhouse) which over the years have blended into a complex of outstanding historical-architectural importance.

The Borgo has been at the centre of archaeological investigation and five years of careful restoration using traditional methods and materials (stone, brick, wood). This has enabled it to reacquire its original appearance and the suggestive 17th-century atmosphere.


Meeting rooms, welcoming and functional spaces, make the structure of Borgo Antico San Vitale the ideal location to set up banquets and to entertain business meetings or to organize conferences and seminars, courses and competitions. Companies can find here the ideal environment to teach training courses for their employees or to welcome their customers and suppliers in an original and charming atmosphere.


Exibition Area

Old bottles and twisted alembics with curious and articulated shapes are just some of the objects and instruments which, in their transformation during the course of time and the development of production techniques, accompany the visitor along a path of history and research.

The rich exhibition set up in the premises of the Borgo Antico San Vitale brings back to life the process whereby ancient production techniques have evolved into modern distillation methods.

A journey through history and a path of experience, which the visitor can tread, immersed in the alchemy of the suggestive artisan distillery, under the skilful and expert guidance of the Master Distiller and enthusiastic skilled operators and which ends with a tasting of the best grappa varieties of the house.

Research: The Aqua-vitae Forum

Located in the Borgo Antico S. Vitale, the Aqua-vitae Forum is the first international distilled spirits research centre.

Liquors and especially top-quality aqua-vitae are at the centre of the work done by the Forum: from production experimentation, to the promotion of culture, technology and consumer knowledge; from historiographical research to the organisation of meetings, seminars and workshops.

The Aqua-vitae Forum’s Scientific Committee consists of university lecturers and researchers. Its purpose is to promote and monitor the scientific activities relating to this fascinating theme.


The Borgo Antico S. Vitale historical complex features display areas and meeting rooms for catering, banquets and meetings.

A catering service and à-la-carte menu are available. The aim is to play a major role in promoting culture, technology and the knowledge of liquors, with the organisation of meetings and seminars, workshops and competitions for experts, communication and hospitality operators, students and interested consumers.

Tasting catering and restaurant

The Borgo Antico San Vitale historical complex offers lots of opportunities to taste the best distilled liquors of our production, accompanied by the tasting of traditional local products.

It is also possible to enjoy top-quality local dishes thanks to the catering service or else directly in the restaurant rooms which offer an à-la-carte menu personally prepared by the well-known chef, Stefano Cerveni, owner of the “Due colombe” restaurant of Rovato.

Visit the Borgo

Borgo Antico San Vitale is not only synonymous with hospitality and good food, but also with a history and traditions stretching back through the centuries, which have accompanied the journey of mankind from centuries past through to the present day.

Remains of the old buildings can still be seen here and there in the complex which, though it has changed considerably through the centuries, still maintains the indelible and precious appearance of its origins and splendour of times gone by.

To admire and enjoy the suggestive atmosphere of this place, rich in charm and memories, guided visits with product tasting are available.

Business Hours and Contacts

Via Foresti, 13 (at the corner with Via Cavour) - 25040 Borgonato di Corte Franca - BS
Tel. 030 / 98 28 977 - Fax 030 / 98 26 634

Business Hours
Monday - Friday: from 10:00 a.m to 04:00 p.m.
Saturday: from 02:30 p.m. to 06:00 p.m.