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The first unforgettable path is that which, delving down into history, leads to the discovery of the flavour of the aqua-vitae; an experiential itinerary can be booked to see the alembics and access the grappa tasting room, where tasting and sensorial analysis courses can also be organised. Tasted products can be purchased in the company outlet.

Apart from the distillery, other not-to-be-missed itineraries, always with guided visits, are those which enable visitors to discover the most beautiful corners of Franciacorta, of Sebino and the Valle Camonica. Places full of spirituality like the Olivetana Abbey of Rodengo Saiano and the San Siro Church at Cemmo, as well as the cluniac monasteries of San Pietro in Lamosa at Provaglio d’Iseo and San Salvatore at Capo di Ponte; fortified places, full of mystery, like the Castle of Bornato, the Oldofredi Castle at Iseo and the Medieval Castle of Breno, or where nature reigns supreme, such as the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve, Monte Isola, the Park of the Pyramids at Zone and the Rock Paintings National Park of Capo di Ponte. Old-town centres, gems of history and culture, such as Pisogne and Iseo.

Finally, modern facilities such as the Franciacorta Outlet Village and the Golf Club Franciacorta complete the series of attractions which this land of aqua-vitae has to offer.

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