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Discover Via Gallica

Borgo Antico San Vitale has been included in the itinerary for the enhancement of the archaeological Roman and early medieval Lombardy and in the innovative app "VIA GALLICA".

Borgo Antico San Vitale has been selected for its high archaeological value and the historical and cultural value that it represents.Through 47 stages, 24 municipalities involved, 6 large cities, 18 villages and small towns between, 4 dioceses, 1 site UNESCO, 18 museums, 2 eco-museums, 20 parks and archaeological areas and 10 urban routes, the ancient splendor of this land is materialized within the reach of everyone, thanks to modern technologies.

The App “Via Gallica”, is freely available in two languages ​​(Italian and English) on the App Store and Google Play.

Info: www.viagallica.it


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